Easy-Spred® for grout and shotcrete:

In both sand and pea gravel grouts, Easy-Spred® is used as an admixture at an addition rate of approximately 2% by weight of the cement to achieve improved field characteristics. Easy-Spred® has colloidal properties when hydrated and takes on approximately seven times its volume in water. This colloidal gel knits the aggregate and cement into a homogenous mixture, which will not segregate. The gel also serves as a lubricant, that allows the material to be placed manually or pumped without segregation.

Easy-Spred® is used in many cementitious environments and is recognized by the International building code for use in all seismic zones and has undergone extensive testing. These tests include density, sulfate resistance, autoclave expansion, drying shrinkage, water retention, corrosion resistance, compressive strength and flexural bond. Easy-Spred® has also been independently tested for water penetration (permeability) and efflorescence. Easy-Spred® has met all performance criteria.

As Easy-Spred® is conveniently packaged in seven pound bags, transportation and storage is very convenient. Easy-Spred® is also non-toxic and safe to the skin, helping to produce a more user friendly mortar.

Easy-Spred® ratios for use as a pump aid / performance admixture are.....

Approximately 1/4 x 7 lb. bag of Easy-Spred® per bag of cement.

Approximately 1 x 7 lb. bag of Easy-Spred® per 10 to 12 x 80 lb. bags of pre-blended material.

Pump priming instructions are as follows:

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Key Benefits:

Easy-Spred® is mixed by.....

  • Adding to the mixer at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the total water to be used.
  • Adding Easy-Spred® (while water bar on high if applicable).
  • Allowing Easy-Spred® to mix briefly before adding additional ingredients.
  • Adding remaining ingredients in the usual or specified manner.
  • Mixing until the material has the desired consistency.

Note: Total mixing time is typically recommended to be six minutes.